Constant handling of bales up to Ø 1.80 m and 1,200 kg

The MANUBAL C40 is made up of tubes that encircle the bale, which helps form ridges and hold it in place. The rear tubes are adjustable in order to fit closely to the shape of the bale, regardless of diameter. A double-acting ram guarantees the perfect clamping of bales up to 1200 kg and the check valve fitted as standard ensures the bale is held securely while on the move.


  • Wide opening/closing grab for bales with a diameter of 0.90 to 1.80m
  • Perfect clamping of bales up to 1,200 kg using a high-powered ram and a check valve fitted as standard
  • 2 floating arms with synchronized opening/closure per spring
  • Fully enclosed frame for very high reliability while having a smooth structure which preserves the plastic sheet.
  • Joints fitted with wear bush for greater durability

Specifications **
Bale diameter 0,9 m
Max. bale weight 1200 kg
1350 mm
245 kg