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higher productivity

Its two grapples work alternately: when the first ball is taken by the lower claw, the upper claw takes the second ball without releasing the first. The handling time is reduced and the efficiency increased.


  • Grab with synchronized opening as standard
  • Lifting up to 650 kg with added lift of 2.50m
  • Double acting tilt and turn ram

Specifications **
Round bale stacking height 5
Square bale stacking height 6
Bale diameter 0.90 to 1.80 m
Simultaneous pick-up of round bales 1
Number of tines 6
Max. bale weight 1500

Optional equipment

  • Wrapped bale grab kit for handling bales with a diameter of 1.10 to 1.60 m, and up to 800 kg. Can be fitted in less than 1 minute without implements and makes the MANUBAL even more versatile