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Excellent performance

With its 2.55 m grab fitted with 14 tines, the V7000HD can load up to 4 rectangular bales or 3 round bales on to a flatbed in one pick-up. The 3 lower tines supplied as standard are mounted on a base
jointed to move instantly into fixed, floating or transport positions. Its reinforced, unitary tubular chassis also has a pusher at the top to push the bales.


  • Grab with synchronized opening as standard
  • A double linkage for grabbing round and rectangular bales
  • Very large grab with 14 tines (height: 2.55 m)
  • 3 lower tines diameter 40 x 1,000 mm working length are jointed as standard
  • Bumper on top of the Manubal to push the bales

Specifications **
Round bale stacking height 6
Square bale stacking height 6
Bale diameter 0.90 to 1.80 m
Simultaneous pick-up of round bales 3
Simultaneous pick-up of rectangular bales 4
Number of tines 14
Max. bale weight 1800

Optional equipment

  • Extra lower tine of diam. 40 mm x 1,000 mm.
  • Short tines (800 mm working length) or long tines (1,200 mm working length) available instead of standard tines (1,000 mm working length)