Versatility and productivity guaranteed

The equipment available on this robust device enables you to create a bespoke MANUBAL: more tines on the grab, more height, with or without lower tines; you will definitely find the product suited to your intensive requirements.

- Overall height: 1.12 m
- 8 tine grab
- height: 90 cm
- Bolted hitching
- Options:30 cm height extension, 2 tine grab extension kit, lower tine kits with 850 mm or 1700 mm tine - spacing

Specifications **
Round bale stacking height 4
Square bale stacking height 7
Bale diameter 0.90 to 1.80 m
Simultaneous pick-up of round bales 1
Simultaneous pick-up of rectangular bales 1
Number of tines 8
Max. bale weight 1500