For handling 3 bales at the same time

Fitted with two floating tines with adjustable spacing as standard - spike or pallet bales of all sizes, however large, with greater stability. The height extension or PIK-UP options give you greater versatility, speed and work safety.


  • Overall width 1,320 mm
  • Adjustable spacing (2 positions)
  • Tines D40x1000 mm (working length) with 3 positions: fixed, floating and transport.
  • PIK-UP option: 2 vertical removable tines

Specifications **
Stacking height 5
Simultaneous pick-up of round bales 2
Simultaneous pick-up of rectangular bales 3
Height with extension 2080
Height with extension 950

Optional equipment

  • Short tines (800 mm working length) or long tines (1,200 mm working length) available instead of standard tines (1,000 mm working length)
  • Safety extension
  • PIK-UP