10 models, 35 MX bucket versions for loaders

General purpose bucket

Multi-purpose bucket based on the earth bucket.

General purpose bucket - light work

General purpose bucket (light work)

Economy bucket for light routine work.

High-capacity MX bucket

High capacity bucket High

Ideal implement for loading cereals and other low density products.

High-capacity bucket Heavy-Duty

High performance implement intended for high-power loaders.

   Earth bucket

     Robust implement for the most demanding jobs.

General purpose high-tip bucket

General purpose high-tip bucket

For loading high-sided trailers. 

Silage bucket

Implement based on the cereal bucket and the silage bucket.

4 in 1 MX bucket

4 in 1 bucket

Highly versatile implement for landscaping, loading and snow clearance.

Stones bucket

Used for scooping up pebbles and preparing the ground.