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MX A106 loader

Basic loader designed for your everyday needs

The A100 series loaders are suitable for occasional light work.


  • Easy hitching/unhitching, using the FITLOCK 2M System.
  • Clean assembly: hoses run beneath the arms, parallelogram and built-in parking stands
  • Unusual crowding angle of 71° at a height of 1.20 m.
  • A wide range of control systems, including the FLEXPILOT System low pressure hydraulic controls.
  • A wide choice of equipment and options.

Specifications *
For tractors from 60 to 90 ch
Loader with self-levelling yes
Max. height at implement pivot 3,80 m
Max. height under dumped bucket 2,80 m
Dumping angle at full height 55°
Crowding angle at ground level 47°
Lift capacity at implement pivot 2000 kg
Payload capacity on pallet at max. height (at 600 mm out on forks) 1500 kg
Loader weight (alone) 440 kg
* values ​​given for information only