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Basic loaders designed to meet your everyday needs

3 models of A100 series front loaders, for 40 to 140 hp agricultural tractors

MX A104 loader

MX A104

For 40 to 80 hp tractors
> Lifting height: 3.50 m
> Lifting power: 1500 kg
MX A106 loader

MX A106

For 60 to 90 hp tractors
> Lifting height: 3.80 m
> Lifting power: 1500 kg

MX A110 loader

MX A110

For 90 to 140 hp tractors
> Lifting height: 4.00 m
> Lifting capacity: 1,700 kg


Crowding angle

Crowding angle: 62° at 1.00 m above ground level.


Protected pivot joints

For maximum longevity all of the pivot joints are protected by bi-metal bushes fitted with an anti-rotation system.


3rd function

Easy access to the 3rd function for implements requiring a hydraulic supply.


Integrated parking stands

The parking stands are fully integrated into the loader arms and have their own simple and effective locking/unlocking mechanism. When stowed, they serve as a protective cover for the hydraulic hoses.


Anti-impact valve

The dumping rams are linked to a double pressure limiter, also known as an anti-impact valve, which protects the loader in both forwards and reverse (scraping) motion.


Automatic locking implement carrier

Automatic locking implement carrier. Unlocking handles accessible from each side of the frame.


Usefull design

The hydraulic lines and polyurethane cable array pass discreetly along the underside of the loader arms. This protection ensures that they remain clean and easy to access.



Easy hitching/unhitching, using the FITLOCK 2M System®. Requires leaving the cab just once. Manual locking.


Position indicator

Implement positioning indicator



MACH System® – sealed instant coupling of tractor to loader hydraulic and electric lines.