Straight from the silo to the trough: a vital piece of equipment for feeding your livestock.

Maximum versatility to meet all needs

Specifically designed for silage-work, handling and feeding all types of forage or different feedstuffs, the MX silage buckets also work as well with maize as with grass,
fodder beet, potatoes, pulp or meal or other concentrates, etc.

Specifications **
Model Overall width Heaped capacity Weight Loader Front linkage Material handlers
Silage bucket - BD 1202 2,15 m 1200 L 510 Kg yes yes yes
Silage bucket - BD 1402 2,48 m 1400 L 565 Kg yes yes yes
Silage bucket - BD 2002 2,48 m 2000 L 680 Kg yes yes yes