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Low pressure hydraulic control

Unique to the market this is a popular upgrade.
The handle operates a low pressure hydraulic circuit that controls the control valve's spools. The operator controls the oil flow. With no wearing parts it is maintenance free.

Hydraulic control valves with locked-in float position
All MX hydraulic control valves have a locked-in float position as standard. They are designed to adjust to all types of hydraulic circuits on tractors currently available on the market.
The combined handle/control valve unit also supports multi-function lifting and crowding movements, no matter which control system you choose.


  • GREAT flexibility - just a few grammes are needed to activate the lever
  • GREAT durability - the FLEXPILOT does not have any wearing parts, so requires no maintenance
  • GREAT reliability - this technology has been proven on TP units, well known for their intensive, long-haul work

Optional equipment

  • Adjustable monolever support, multi-setting MULTI-ARM System: as the control has to be comfortable in all circumstances, MX has developed the MULTI-ARM System, a multi-position adjustable monolever support, the perfect complement to the ergonomic MX handle.