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Compatible with 40 to 70 hp amenities tractors, and fitted with a CLEAR-LINK System mechanical parallelogram, the C4+ loader meets the most demanding needs of the sector's professionals.

With their curved shapes, and totally integrated hydraulics, the COMPACT loaders offer a clean lined and hard-wearing design. Also developed to ensure user comfort, they are easy to hitch and unhitch thanks to a bracket frame specially designed for each tractor type. The whole range also has the MACH System to connect all electrical and hydraulic lines in one movement. Cable control with ergonomic multifunction monolever is also available for these three models. With crowding angle of 45°, the C4+ loader ensures the implement is fully filled. Also excellent lifting capacity enables easy dumping of material into a trailer and high pallet stacking, while retaining a compact tractor-loader unit.


  • Mechanical CLEAR-LINK System parallelogram
  • Instant hitching/unhitching of loader and tractor
  • Ideal maximum height
  • Optimum filling
  • Automatic hitching of loader/implement

Specifications *
For tractors from 40 to 70 ch
Loader with self-levelling yes
Max. height at implement pivot 2,90 m
Max. height under dumped bucket 2,70 m
Dumping angle at full height 50°
Crowding angle at ground level 45°
Lift capacity at implement pivot 1100 kg
Payload capacity on pallet at max. height (at 600 mm out on forks) 900 kg
Loader weight (alone) 270 kg
* values ​​given for information only