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A benchmark of expertise

With innovation in the DNA of the brand right from the start, many MX products have set the standards for the market, such as the Mach System, which has become familiar to farmers everywhere since its introduction 40 years ago.

What really sets MX apart is its tractor expertise. We can equip around 9,470 models, from 15 to 400 horsepower and from 40 different brands. With 150 new brackets and 100 new front linkage parts each year, that the equivalent of designs for three to four tractors every week.

A customised offering

With a total of six loader ranges, plus front linkages, weights, buckets and grabs, bale handlers (MANUBAL), silage buckets and a wide range of other equipment, the MX brand offers the most comprehensive catalogue in the sector. We are therefore uniquely positioned to satisfy the requirements of all professionals who rely on tractors to perform their handling work.

Whilst the majority of our customer base comprises livestock farmers, an increasing proportion of our business is represented by farming associations agricultural contractors, landscapers, winemakers and local authorities.

We collaborate with a group of 70 end users for the development and subsequent testing of new products before they are launched.