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MX, a human touch company

All of our colleagues say: no matter how much MX expands, the company continues to retain its long-standing ethos as a family-run small business! The reporting lines are short. Managers are accessible. Decisions are made quickly. Social events are organised within the departments, or for the whole staff.

Our value system gives staff the chance to voice their opinions

Company values have been set out by a group of staff-members to represent its history, present and ambitions for the future. They are the basis of the company's responsible approach.

La responsabilité, coopération et audace sont nos valeurs ! Et vous?


Responsibility lies at the heart of the behaviour expected within the company.


Because we believe that collective intelligence and cooperation are essential: this means listening to others, engaging in dialogue and encouraging collective decision-making over individual points of view.


Boldness is encouraged in all employees: this means overcoming your own obstacles and having the courage to put forward new ideas and improvements. Spontaneity is welcome!

The reconciliation of personal and professional life is facilitated

The company is aware of the need to combine professional and personal life and gives employees the possibilities to achieve this balance. The collective schedule is 36 hours per week over 4.5 days on average, and gives employees, who are not managers, time for their personal life. Scheduling requests are well received: parental obligations or working time reductions at retirement are facilitated. Telework is a subject under study in the company and will soon be the subject of an experiment. Employees have a solution for regular or occasional childcare, because the company reserves, for the benefit of its employees, 7 full-time places with nurseries of the Babilou network.

Located in a wooded environment and close to nature, the company offers employees to practice a sporting activity on the lunch break. Tennis, bodybuilding, running, cycling are all free or framed opportunities accessible to all. Regularly, the company is partner of sports events around which it federates the employees, it's an excellent opportunity to integrate and quickly sympathize with colleagues.

The company nurtures its teams and staff

Employees have real prospects for professional development: MX creates jobs: in 6 years, the company has increased its workforce by 30% and now employs 600 staff Because the company is very integrated, MX offers more than 150 different roles. Each year the company welcomes 10 to 15 young people on work experience placements and around 40 students on internships. Moreover, all vacancies are offered internally, which gives every employee the opportunity to boost their motivation and enhance their skills: over the last three years, 100 employees have changed roles!

Professional improvement at the heart of the process

What's more, the company offers numerous training courses to allow everyone to improve their working practices and develop professionally. In 2017, almost 3% of the payroll was invested in professional training. This year, four groups of team leaders are taking part in a long-term support programme which will lead to a CQPM (Joint Qualification Certificate of the Metal industry), a recognised qualification in the sector. MX will also be organising a training course in French for employees from abroad, and will offer a digital training programme for employees who have difficulty in navigating the digital world.