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Multi-purpose bucket for telescopic loaders Medium

Manure, silage, bulk loads etc. the multi-purpose implement par excellence!

An implement that offers the perfect combination between a bucket and grab. Its thick base (8 mm) - very high quality (S355 HB) ensures strength to cope with any test. The box-section wear blade and standard bolted wearing counter blade give it unparalleled durability. 
The wide opening of the grab, kept clear of the blade, is very easy to use, especially against a wall. The multi-purpose bucket is equipped as standard with side plates. These can be detached, they allow you to change the shape of the bucket to suit the job. Finally, its T-profile torch-cut flat tines provide the rigidity required of such an implement.

The MX multi-purpose bucket Medium for telescopic loaders is available with two types of grab: reinforced T-profile steel tines OR 35 mm diameter cast iron round teeth

Specifications **
Model Width (L) Weight Heaped capacity Number of tines
BMSA 210HT - Reinforced steel tines 2.10 725 1410 L
BMSA 210HO - Forged round tines 2.10 737 1410 L
BMSA 230HT - Reinforced steel tines 2.30 760 1550 L
BMSA 230HO - Forged round tines 2.30 779 1550 L
BMSA 245HT - Reinforced steel tines 2.45 785 1655 L
BMSA 245HO - Forged round tines 2.45 811 1655 L
BMSA 265HT - Reinforced steel tines 2.65 840 1795 L
BMSA 265HO - Forged round tines 2.65 859 1795 L
BMSA 280HT - Reinforced steel tines 2.80 865 1900 L
BMSA 300HT - Reinforced steel tines 3.00 925 2040 L
BMSA 280HO - Forged round tines 2.80 890 1900 L
BMSA 300HO - Forged round tines 3.00 958 2040 L