Occasional handling of bales up to Ø 1.45 m and 800 kg

The bales are wrapped in tubes that help to form bulges, giving better grip. A Double-Acting ram ensures perfect clamping of bales up to 800 kg. The MANUBAL C30 has a wide opening and closing range. You can handle bales with diameters from 0.80 to 1.45 m.


  • For bales of Ø 0.80 to 1.45 m wrapped in plastic sheet
  • Clamping bales up to 800 kg thanks to dual action ram.
  • 2 floating arms with synchronized opening/closure
  • Frame with smooth surface to protect the plastic sheet
  • Joints fitted with wear bush

Specifications **
Bale diameter 0.8 m
Max. bale weight 800 kg
1180 mm
135 kg