10 models, 35 MX bucket versions for loaders

General purpose bucket

Multi-purpose bucket based on the earth bucket.

General purpose bucket - light work

General purpose bucket (light work)

Economy bucket for light routine work.

High-capacity MX bucket

High capacity bucket High

Ideal implement for loading cereals and other low density products.

High-capacity bucket Heavy-Duty

High performance implement intended for high-power loaders.

   Earth bucket

     Robust implement for the most demanding jobs.

General purpose high-tip bucket

General purpose high-tip bucket

For loading high-sided trailers. 

Silage bucket

Implement based on the cereal bucket and the silage bucket.

4 in 1 MX bucket

4 in 1 bucket

Highly versatile implement for landscaping, loading and snow clearance.

Stones bucket

Used for scooping up pebbles and preparing the ground.

Fodder beet bucket

Ideal for handling fodder beet, root crops and other tubers.