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Own brand implements for the COMPACT range of loaders

Buckets, forks, pallet fork and carrier or bale spike, you can find the right implements to do all your jobs here.


General purpose bucket

Multi-purpose bucket for loading gravel, sand,
earth, bulk goods, etc.

> Available in 5 widths from 0.92 m to 1.60 m

Multi-purpose bucket

Highly versatile implement for silage and loading bulk goods
or even manure.

      > Available in 3 widths from 1.20 m to 1.50 m


4 in 1 bucket

Highly versatile implement for earthmoving,
loading and snow clearance.

      > Available in 2 widths, 1.20 m and 1.40 m

Manure fork

Simple, cost effective implement for everyday handling of manure.

> Available in 2 widths, 1.10 m and 1.15 m


Top grab

Add a grab to the manure fork for more productivity

> Available for 1.20 m width forks.

Pallet fork and carrier

Suitable for all kinds of pallets, with a lifting capacity of 800 kg.
      > Width 1.18 m.

Bale spikes

For handling round and rectangular bales of hay and straw. Stacks up to 3 bales from the C3 loader.

      > Tine spacing: 750 mm.