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TX400 series


3 models for tractors with engines over 170 hp

The new range of TX400 series loaders was developed in association with farmers and CUMA and ETA-type cooperatives, and is intended for 170–400 hp tractors. This high-power tractor-loader assembly makes day-to-day work incredibly flexible, is faster on the road and guarantees a high degree of efficiency on site, making it a real alternative to telescopic handlers.

MX TX420

MX TX420

For 170 to 400 hp tractors

> Lifting height: 5,10 m

> Lifting capacity: 3,650 kg

MX TX425

MX TX425

For 200 to 400 hp tractors
> Lifting height : 5,10 m
> Lifting capacity : 4100 kg 
MX TX430

MX TX430

For 250 to 400 hp tractors
> Lifting height : 5,50 m
> Lifting capacity : 4100 kg